the Mihi Furorem


Starting in Ratik, city of Ratikhill. The players are affiliated with the Church of Olidamarra, and are working as “finders”. These teams are sent out to recover important relics of the Church, or other items that they wish to acquire.


Sent by Church Office to meet with a Sage and Wizard named Felgrath Bloodelven. He is affiliated loosely with the Church, having hired many of their “finders” and trainees over the years for simple tasks that his aging body no longer can manage. You accepted the job, and have traveled into the hills South of Ratik to find the body and or possessions of Felgrath’s former apprentice and friend, Haland Greystone. The young wizard recently signed on to a military detachment that went into the hills to fight the invading orcs and gnolls. Unfortunately, Felgrath tells you, Haland may have accidentally taken something when he left. He was studying some of the old tomes in Felgrath’s library, and it appears he has taken the Mihi Furorem. It is a historical text, written about the rise of the Great Kingdom and the it’s powerful families. Felgrath is beginning some research on the subject for the Baroness, and needs to get it back, for some of his notes on the research are in it. These notes are important, as they outline some of the plans that the Baroness has for alliances with other nations in the face of the threats from the former Bone March and Ahlissa, the former northern provinces of the Great Kingdom. Haland’s tactical group was due back three days ago, and was last seen in the vicinity of an old dwarven mine, called “dur-dyfinnder”, or Deep Steel in the Common Tongue. Orcs overran the old mine, but were thought to have been routed from there. Your mission is NOT to eradicate the threat, but to find Haland and his men and return them safely. If they are dead, your mission changes to recovery, and you have been tasked with returning the documents to Felgrath. You are welcome to keep any other items and money you find. You have been paid a 50 gp advance each to outfit you for the mission.

You have moved through the hills, your small group allowing you to evade the patrols of orcs and gnolls. After a few days, you find the remains of the team. While not trackers, the carrion birds are visible in the distance for miles. Once you close, you find the scene of a battle, one that did not go well for Haland’s team. It appears that they were surprised by archers and overrun. There is evidence of a response by a Mage, but when you search, all you find are dead soldiers, orcs and a few gnoll archers. You find indications that he was taken alive, along with some others.

Following the tracks is not too hard considering they leave some bodies along the way. The body trail ends near the old mine. It is apparent that there is a celebration underway, the orcs and gnolls celebrate around several fires outside the mine itself.

Cool barren cave entrance

A few orcs guard the mine entrance, seemingly slightly intoxicated. There is no evidence that there are prisoners around the fires…
Dm orcspeech

the Mihi Furorem